Don’t Starve Linux Review

Don’t Starve (Linux compatible) is an incredible wilderness survival game full of science and enchanting. Wilson, who is a brave Gentleman Scientist, has been trapped and transported to an obscure wilderness planet by an evil presence. You play as Wilson, and must lead him in his adventures to not only survive, but discover the way back home.

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Don’t Starve Gameplay

Basically, Just Starve is a survival game. You begin by collecting materials, such as grass and twigs in order to craft tools such as axes, pickaxes, and shovels. Items can be unlocked as the game progresses. Of course, you must also collect food such as berries from berry bushes.

Essentially, this game is much like Minecraft. You are dropped into a virtual world, and must figure out how to survive on your own. And of course, when night time approaches, you must build campfires to give you light. Available as one game I stumbled upon myself personally small in items in addition to attacked throughout the woods by way of horde connected with vicious spiders. Get stuck in the dark, and you may die from creatures in the night.

As part of recent updates, Just Starve is now cross-platform and now supports Mac and Linux, adding to our list of games on Linux.

Watch gameplay here:

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